Pumpkin dying

crewstAugust 5, 2009

My pumpkin patch is being destroyed, similarly to my cucumbers. The leaves turned yellow and wilted, and now very few green leaves remain, and my pumpkins seem to be doomed.

I have seem cucumber beetles on my cucumbers and watermelons, and my assumption is that they're eating the roots. Is there anything I can do about the larve eating the roots in order to hopefully save my remaining plants? Hopefully I can get the pumpkin to put down more roots by covering the vine in more places.

I am going to try clove oil with red dye #28 to try to kill off the adults, but that won't help what remains of my roots now.

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if you see any bugs spray them some bug spray of your choice, NEEM , and try this.

1 TBSP of baking soda mixed with 1 part milk and 3 parts water to kill them and prevent fungus growth. It should make 1 gallon

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Are you seeing any white spots on your leaves?

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The baking soda, milk, water mixture just gets poured into the ground, or this is a spray for the leaves?

I'm trying to keep everything in the edible garden pesticide-free.

I don't remember if there were white spots. I will check and reply again.

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leafs mostly and some around the base, thats the best bet if you want to keep it truely organic?

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the only white spots seem to be the dead edges around the holes that the critters ate.

I'll try the baking soda, milk, water today, and I'll spray on seaweed fert later on to help the plant recover, I hope.

thank you for your help

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I applied the mix, but the larvae appear to be working on the roots of the last living section of vine, to which is attached my only Giant Atlantic pumpkin.

Anyone have ideas of what I can try? I'd prefer organic, however I would consider other options. I have the red dye and clove oil to kill adults, but it's too late for that to prevent the larvae.

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I have my cuke beetles under control I think, but squash bugs have finished off my pumpkins. I've killed many with soapy water spray. Next year I'll have to be ready for all the bad bugs so they can't wipe my pumpkins out.

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