Grass ID help for plugs planted last spring

c2g(6)August 16, 2013

In reference to the following photos:

This past spring, I planted about 8 trays of native grass plugs: indian grass, little bluestem, purple top, purple love grass, and bottlebrush grass. I underestimated how quickly they'd be crowded out by neighboring plants that had already established over the past few years (mostly coneflower, switch grass, and a host of other natives). The majority new of grasses of any size that did manage to come up can be seen in the linked pics.

I have a feeling these aren't what I planted and just weedy types that I left grow. I'm hoping someone can help me out with some IDs.

I've planted tons of wildflower plugs in the past with great success, but only when starting with a blank slate. The wet spring and early summer (Philadelphia, PA) seemed ideal for planting as far as keeping up with watering for the first season. Many times in the past, I've had fresh plantings die back in the first season only to surprise me by coming back strong the following spring. I'm pessimistic about that happening this time only because of the proximity to established plants I was trying to introduce the plugs into. Also learned that popsicle stick markers won't make it through the season. Thanks.

Here is a link that might be useful: Grass ID

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The first one looks like Setaria faberii (Giant Foxtail). It's a beautiful but extremely invasive critter.

The one with what looks like multiple seed heads on one stem might be Indian Grass, but I'm not sure.

I don't see any of the others you mention in the photos.

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