Just moved to Burlington, where should I look?

glacierdigitalMarch 19, 2013

I know it's still not even spring yet (almost!) but I want to get started with my garden plans.

Had a question though, what were people's thoughts on gardening centres? I've seen quite a few flyers for these guys http://www.hollandpark.com/home.html and it seems pretty reputable online, however were there any other places I should look at?

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Holland Park is good. One of my favourites is Connon Nurseries in Waterdown, not quite in Burlington, but close. It's on Hwy. 5 (Dundas St.), a few kilometres west of Brant St.. Also, check-out the plant sale at the Royal Botanical Gardens in early May.

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Yes, Connon Nurseries is a good bet if you are looking for some rare trees. I got a gingko tree from there last year and it is planted and doing well in my backyard.

Terra is a bit less pricier and they have lots of sales you can take advantage of. There is one on Dunas, west of Brant. Nice help staff.

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lupinguy(s ontario)

Are you willing to drive at all? Also where did you move from?

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