Severe drought & flopped N. Sea Oats

withalilhelpAugust 21, 2007

My area has been in a drought since early to mid spring and a severe drought for about the last two months.I hate it and had hopes for some real "leaping" from some plants that were ready. We have a half-dozen different kinds of mature grasses in which all but one I have kept beautiful, despite. We have rows of N. Sea Oats down the east and west side of a fenced-in part of lawn, spaced about 6ft. We have had two short rains over the stretch that have seemed to permanently flopped (for this season) the usually strong erect form.I would like to ask for ideas on some first-aid tactics. East gets early to late morn. sun, west is mostly shaded and still okay except two that get afternoon sun and they are the most wind protected of all. I love my grasses and this just adds to the worst year for weather this middle-aged man has seen.I hope fall is better. Thanks ahead for any help.Z5

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There isn't much first aid, other than tying them up after the fact. According to Traci DiSabato-Aust, author of The Well Tended Perennial Garden, this resembles a lynching.

Consider growing them through supports which are in place before they start growing. Next year, cut some properly sized and shaped pieces of remesh, and anchor it over the plants with rebar. They'll grow up through the remesh, and hide it with their foliage, while obtaining the needed support.

I have Chasmanthium growing in every sun condition from full sun to mostly shade, and all of them need support except those under thick-canopied trees. They seem to benefit from the protection from soaking rains.

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Great advice donn. I will prepare for next year. Also your personal settings fit perfect. It is nice to know why on these things, rather than guessing. Next year they're going to look great. Thank you.

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