arundo versicolor vs variegata

greenguy(Zone 5 OH)August 14, 2005

I am looking for a variegated arundo and came across these two names. I figured they were the same but then I saw some places sell both types. Does anyone grow both? Can anyone tell me the difference between the two? I also need someone to reccomend a good online source for both as no one near me sells either and i will probably try both unless someone here tell me why not to.


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hillspride(z6 TN.)

I'm pretty sure it's the same plant! Just sold under these two names. Looking in Rick Darke's book 'The Color Encyclopedia of Ornamental Grasses' It's listed as the same!
Have a fun time growing this beautiful giant!
Best Regards,
Anthony in TN.

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This is what was said on floridata:
Striped giant reed (A. donax var. versicolor, also known as cv. 'Variegata', has leaves with bold white stripes, and is a smaller plant, to 8 ft (2.4 m) tall. The cultivar, 'Macrophylla' has larger leaves, to 3 in (7.6 cm) wide, that are grayish or bluish green.

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greenguy(Zone 5 OH)

thanks but it is really odd that joy creek and other list both - joy even has two different pictures.

do you grow either? Macrophylla sounds interesting.

can anyone reccomend a good online source for them?

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I just bought the common type this year. If it survives the winter I may look into the different cultivars. Or I might try and get the different species like Arundo formosana, which is supposedly hardier.

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