Miscanthus sinensis adagio- how to grow fast?

laurava(VA)August 14, 2005

Hi- we planted a few miscanthus adagio's in mid May - they were smal starter plnts- just the 3" small plants.. all the other ornamentals have grown a bit but these are stuck and don't seem to be growing that fast. they are in full sun- live in Norther Virginia- so it's very hot right now but I read they are drought tolerant (we try to water in evenings)..

any help to get these growing faster would be appreciated- thanks, Laura

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

When I buy a new plant, I usually get a small one. If figure that I save a lot of money instantly, and it should adapt to its new environment better.

I'd wait until next year to see what it is all about. Don't try to give it growth hormones as it will only become weaker.

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imark(z5 MO)

this is my experience with Adagio...first year planted small pots, they grew but not wildly, and did not bloom...second year, much larger, they grew to about half their full size and bloomed...third year, full sized app 3' x 3' w/o blooms and 4.5'-5' with blooms.....

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The old saying about perennials seems to apply well to most ornamental grasses -- "first year sleeps, second year creeps, third year leaps."

My Adagio, however, came close to "leaping" the first year. I bought it in a 5-gallon pot at Home Depot for something like $5. It was very pot-bound, so I cut it in two with a shovel. Both of the divisions took off the first year and easily tripled in size. I moved one of the divisions this spring and it started out slowly but has taken off during the hot summer weather.

Other miscanthus varieties I have tried have not grown so fast. My "Morning Light" was also bought in a fairly large pot 3 or 5 gallon, but didn't get as large as my Adagio divisions. I moved it as well this spring and it has done well in a sunnier location.

I also have several M. "Little Kitten" grasses that have been very slow to establish. They are typically the last grass in my garden to start growing in spring. However, they have picked up steam in the hot weather as well. They are perhaps the most dwarf variety of Miscanthus, so that probably explains the slow growth.

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The adagio is a slow growing perennial.

Adagio is an italian musical term meaning slowly and gracefully, reffering to how the grass grows and moves.

The 3 gallon adagio was probably an older perennial that has had time to grow its root structure.

-perennial quality-

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