Safe to eat pumpkin with borer damage?

anne711(5)August 21, 2009

Yes, it is early to be harvesting pumpkins, but they are uniformly orange, the skins are hard, and the vines are dying. They are the small sugar/pie pumpkins. I have 55 of them, and 7 or 8 have borer holes. The nasty little critters just bored right in at the stem. Or even through the fruit itself (unless those are exit holes I'm seeing!) My question is: can I cut the damaged pumpkins up to try to salvage some parts that the borers haven't tunneled through? Or once they have been "bored" is there the possibility that bad microbes might be present inside, and it's better to just throw them away?

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They are fine to eat, though maybe a little gross to think about. Just cut off damaged portions and use the rest. Use those ones first obviously as they will not keep long since the rind is damaged.

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