Pumpkin Questions?

Jeremy Costenbader(5)August 1, 2007

1. how big should the pumpkin be? It has taken over my entire garden which is 8X8 space.

2. I see little green dots on the vines but no fruit yet and have been in since may30th.

3. Growing on my fence and upwards can pumpkins hold fruit on the vines that way?

Any help would be great 1st time at this

Thanks Jeremy

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the pumpkin's size depends on what type of seed you planted. pollination may be a problem, i don't know, but it seems like you should have a few pumpkins by now. i have tons, seeds planted in mid-June. pumpkin vines are pretty strong, but it would depend on the weight of the pumpking, i think, if the vine will hold it. If not, you can always use panty hose or something like that.

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It does sound like you may have a pollination problem. Take a look at the thread under Vegetable gardening, on hand pollination. You don't have to protect female blossoms from cross pollination, if all you want is pumpkins. But it might help to do some hand pollinations. Below is the link.

Also, unless the variety is a small pie pumpkin, you will want to support any fruit that set on the fence. I've heard of using old nylons to make a sling for the pumpkins. Otherwise they can break off the vine as they get heavy.

Here is a link that might be useful: hand pollination of squash/pumpkins

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I'm growing pumpkins for the first time this year, and I'm doing it up a trellis that I made of electircal conduit. It's saved tons of space, though it still seems to be taking over the world! I, too, had heard of slinging the pumpkins with nylons, so I tried it. Don't bother!! It totally doesn't work. It worked for 1-2 days, but then the pumpkin outgrew the sling, and it just slipped off. Instead, I built little I-beams for my pumpkins to sit on. That seems to have worked fabulously! Do you know how to add a picture to the post? I'm new here . . . I can post pics of the trellis/I beams if someone call tell me how!

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Let's see if adding this picture works . . .

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Got it! Phew. OK, here's some pictures I took a few weeks ago of the pumpkin on the trellis, and of the I-beams that I built for support from scrap lumber.

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Jeremy Costenbader(5)

Very nice picture but still nothing on my end. Lots of flowers and vines but no pumpkins hope something soon or have to try again next year.

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Gardeningmommy---I just love, love, Love your pictures. Your pumpkin support is awesome. Like others here, I'm still waiting for mine to set fruit. Now---about your pictures. How do you do that? I have tried, and actually got some on the posts, but they were teeny tiny. I want nice big ones like yours. I assume you used Photobucket and that's what I did, too, but just got extremely small pics. Hope you see this and let me know. Thanks

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One year I had a pumpkin vine that climbed halfway up a wild cherry tree. The fruits held on fine till I plucked them. Course I didn't wait till they were dead ripe.

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