protecting fruit blossoms from freezes

hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)March 22, 2005

I have grown peaches in Ohio for years and usually get at least some crop-but frost is an issue. I've grown apricot TREES but never once got an apricot-we'll usually get an 18 degree freeze when they're in full bloom.

Has anyone used Christmas lights to protect from frost-and-how do you do it? I am thinking I could just put the lights in the trees in fall and leave them there till May and turn them on whenever needed.

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Sweetgum(z5 Toronto)

I've heard of that technique, but I can't see how it would provide enough heat. Professional growers use smudge pots which throw great heat and smoke.

Spraying water on the tree before the freeze adds a protective layer of ice to the blossoms.

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On the thread linked below, "evonline" has some information and an interesting approach to growing fruit trees in cold zones. Holding back the flowering period should help with fruit trees that are otherwise hardy, but don't bear fruit because of cold weather during the flowering period.

Here is a link that might be useful: Apricots in Zone 4

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