Does Blue Fescue self sow a mutant strain?

wherewerewe(z7 NC Triad)August 2, 2007

Hello all...

I hope someone is able to help me figure this one out. I have sown quite a few clumps of Blue Fescue grass from commercial seed packs within the last 2 years - funny thing is, I have noticed several GREEN grasses that are of a similar size to the BF, but are distinctly different...these green strains are more vertical, they have thicker/stronger blades and develop somewhat round seed pod clusters midway up the blades rather than the top as BF does. I don't know if common Blue Fescue grass has a tendency to do such a thing or perhaps I am dealing with a local native grass. What is convincing to me is that the only places I have seen these peculiar green grass clumps have been in the close proximity of my Blue Fescue grasses. (scratching head)

I don't know how to post pictures on here so I'll be glad to email them to you if you'd be interested in trying to ID this green ornamental? grass.

Thanks in advance =)

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It sounds like you have some sort of Carex volunteer, likely an annual. I have at least 3 different kinds which show up in my garden. If they're in a place where I like them, I leave them, and some, I transplant when very young. If you want to at least reduce the self-sowing, trim them back before the seeds can ripen. They'll frequently grow new foliage, but seldom survive winter.

Blue Fescue self-sows readily in my garden, and some of them are bluer or greener than the parents. I do the same as the volunteer Carex. If I like the color, I keep it, either where they started, or I move them, sometimes to pots.

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