Tell me about Miscanthus s. Autumn Light

chris_ont(5a Ont)August 5, 2007


I believe I have identified and found a grass that looks absolutely wonderful in my friend's garden.

The potted one I've found is Miscanthus S. "Autumn Light". I've identified it from memory by its color and the fact that I cut my finger on it - so who knows what I really have here :)

In any case, does anyone have any images (BEFORE blooming) or comments about "Autumn Light" ? I'm in zone 5 - it's going in a very sunny spot in front of a white brick wall.

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'Autumn Light' is one of the cold-hardiest M.s. cultivars. Rick Darke says it's good to zone 4. It has fine foliage, ~1/4" wide, and will reach 7-9' to it's plumes, which should happen in August.

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