Are my cukes diseased?

gregrwAugust 15, 2013


(sorry I also posted about my pumpkins - I'm having a rough time!). I just got back from a week away and I find a lot of dying leaves with spots on my cukes. (is this the right forum??). I just chopped my squash due to the borer beetle. Could I have something similar? I find it really hard to tell. perhaps it's just a deficiency.. I can't really tell.

Please help...



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.... I seem to have lost my pumpkin post. Same thing applies to my pumpkins more or less, but they look better.... in fact no leaves are dying like on my cuke. I have powdery mildew that I have not resolved for 2 weeks. Perhaps this is the cause. But I see similar spots on the pumpkin that my cukes have. Thoughts? Keep in mind I had that damn borer in my squash.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

I think your cucumbers have lost the battle to PM, already. There might have been other causes to.

But you can possibly save your squash by rigorous treatment. I am having similar problem with my squash too. Yesterday I sprayed them with Neem Oil for the third time in the patst 2 weeks or so. My cukes are ok but I sprayed them also.

Daconil is another anti fungus spray. What are you using?

Keep up the fight. Definitely, being a week away has cause major damage.

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