Gigantic bug stripped trees clean of leaves!

carolbarrelAugust 17, 2009

I'm not generally squeamish, but a very large insect made quick work of leaves on three young fruit and nut trees. I saw the bug perched atop the stripped naked almond tree and tried to shake him off, but he was glued to the tree with huge legs with haunches bent. Ugly thing, probably 1.5-2 in long and 1 inch in circumference. He fell out when I knocked him off with a stick, thinking I could capture him with my newly-emptied compost container. But then I couldn't spot him, his brown body blended into the leaves and I couldn't find him by poking around. Dang it! What is a boll weavil and do they only eat cotton? I need to identify this large invader and learn how to eradicate and prevent an invasion next year. Hellppppp!

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Does this look at all familiar?

Here is a link that might be useful: lubber

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