When to start Elephant Ears inside

brugs_bunny(z5 ON Canada)March 7, 2006


This will be my first year trying the "Black Magic" Elephant Ear. I normally start my cannas sometime this month. When should I start my Elepant Ears?


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muddylegs(z 6a)

I will be starting mine in about 2 to 3 weeks, I use non- draining pots with pond soil, peat and the old soil from when I repot my orchids they like it moist, no need to go to that extreme but mine seem to love it. Give them some shade from the afternoon hot sun mine got some scorch last year, in the fall, just dig them up brush off the soil let them dry for a day and pack them in some dry peatmoss and in the basment they go.
Good luck and enjoy

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brugs_bunny(z5 ON Canada)

Great, thanks for the advice. I was thinking of starting them now but maybe I'll wait a few weeks.


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sunkeeper(5 Ontario)

I started mine about a month ago now, it's on it's 2nd leaf. It'll go out to the greenhouse the first part of April then into the ground in May at which time it should be a decent looking plant putting on a nice display for the summer.

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