Question about Big Max Pumpkins

boeremeisieAugust 2, 2011

After 2 - 3 weeks of just male flowers, I finally have a couple of female flowers on my 2 Big Max plants.

A couple of questions -

1. The little pumpkins (each about the size of a marble) at the base of each flower are a golden yellow color. Is this the normal color for Big Max? The flowers appear healthy, and both the flowers and pumpkins are growing daily. The pumpkins on my New England Pie pumpkins were green, so the color is throwing me off.

2. Assuming I get polinated pumpkins, how many can grow on each plant> I am growing for my own Jack-O-Lanterns for Halloween, not going for huge pumpkins for a contest.



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its normal, you can grow 2 on seperate vines. but the pumpkin might abort one if she doesnt want it.

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Good information - thanks so much!

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