green (undried) gourds

misma73August 21, 2007

Does anyone know if green (undried) lagenaria or similar gourds are available at this time of year? If so, where?

Thank you.

I want to try the niihau technique which requires green, not dried, gourds.

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I don't know of anywhere that has them now, but in a month they will start selling them on roadside stands everywhere. Do you need them right now? Because if you wait a month I am certain you will have no problem finding them.

Oh and if you don't already I would recommend growing your own. They are a lot of fun to grow and I just picked on today to enter in the Maryland State Fair, so you can get them early if you need them.

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Misma23, thank you for posting your question. I've just acquired some roughly 7-pound gourds, still in the green stage. I'd heard these have many uses and can be decorated, but have absolutely no experience in this area. I just researched the niihau technique and will definitely try it!

FYI, ours were havested today in Central New Jersey, so I expect that any grown in SC should be well-ripened by now. We had to leave many behind, though, severely damaged by an awful hail storm ... what a shame!

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