Transplanting Miscanthus Gracillimus....

carrie630(z7bNC)August 17, 2007

I have two clumps of these grasses and they are about five feet tall, but not very wide. I really don't like where they are growing and want to transplant them. I know that the spring is the best time to transplant (they are thin nad don't really have to be divided), but if I dug around a big rootball, could I then transplant anytime? The grasses seem very sturdy, and I would water everyday, twice a day.... could I take that chance or is it better to just be patient and wait until spring? Thanks


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In my opinion, it's better to wait until spring. I plant out warm season grasses right into the fall, but that doesn't involve as much disturbance to their roots as transplanting would.

There just isn't enough time for a fresh-dug plant to re-establish itself before its dormancy sets in. If they were cool-season grasses, I'd say go for it, but they aren't.

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Thanks, donn - I was hoping you'd answer this post since I know you are well versed when it comes to grasses.


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