A patriotic composition

esh_gaAugust 10, 2008

I noticed yesterday that all 3 of these plants are blooming at the same time, creating a patriotic display.

The Red is Cardinal flower (Lobelia cardinalis), the white is spider lily (Hymenocallis caroliniana), and the blue is scutellaria (Scutellaria sp.).

Since the spider lily isn't very visible, here is a closer shot:

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Very pretty combination!
Is that the Hairy Skullcap, S. elliptica? I don't have any of the Scutellaria species, they don't like me!
My Cardinal flowers aren't blooming yet, nor is H. caroliniana.
But found blooms on H. rotata(traubii) this morning, which surprised me, because it usually blooms earlier and I had given up on them for this year. My H. liriosme didn't bloom this spring, for the first time ever. Guess the drought is having it's effect on the wetland plants. My Sarracenia's are just surviving and produced very few flowers this year.
Thanks for sharing!

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Yes, I think it is S. elliptica. We have also found S. incana in Cherokee County, but I think this is the more common one. This one is actually growing in a 3 gallon pot and has been for two years. But it did reseed into the area around it, and I see a volunteer is blooming a few feet away.

My cardinal flower is actually pretty late. I went to a friend's house over by I-575 and his was much further along (and he has tons of it, I always get some seed from him). I had one lone plant elsewhere but I realized yesterday that the deer ate it! Even pulled the roots out, I found the remains on the ground. Dang it.

This is my second blooming H. caroliniana; the older one did not bloom this year. It has some yellow root beside it and that has taken over; I think I'll clear some of that out and see if it helps the lily regain it's confidence ;) .

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