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diggerb2(z5oh)March 9, 2007

I got crocus in my yard!!! yahoo, seems if spring might be getting here in NE Ohio

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i found last years entry, an had crocus by Feb 25th. I also have snow drops in bloom right now as well-- but they've been at it since December.

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chalifax(z5 MI)

Nothing yet, sigh... Most of my beds are still covered in a LOT of snow. The warm temps are coming though. Soon we'll be out of the white season into the Brown season... Thank God for spring bulbs.

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karen_w(5 MI)

Well, my snowdrops were in full bloom before the beginning of March when we got snow dumped on us big time. Also, my hellebores had new, red shoots.
It's been warm the last couple of days and a lot of the snow has melted. We'll see what's what.
Went to Holland yesterday and saw tulips peeking out of the ground, also daylilies.

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thorn_grower(Zone 5)

WWWow !!!! what a difference a day makes. welcome to the banana belt. got to 50 yesterday which melted all the snow here in chatham.Today same temp. most of the bulbs have polked there heads out of the ground.. some of the crocus have started to bloom..!!!! YYYYee Haaa..!!! and so another season begins.......:-) Enjoy everyone....

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All my galanthus elwesii that were blooming before the February snowfest have emerged from the melting snow still blooming. Saw bees for the first time on Saturday. One crocus is in bud, as are the Helleborus niger and 1 Ivory Prince hellebore. All my Pink Lady Hellebores are still covered in snow, but that should be gone by tomorrow at the latest. YAAYY!!

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goodhors(z5 MI)

Lots of bulb leaves showing. They had gotten a good start with the warm January, disappeared under the snow. However they are JUMPING out further daily. We were up to 70F today, melted most of the remaining ice cover on driveways, all the ditches are full. It was nice outside!! Snowdrops are blooming, nothing else yet. Sandhill Cranes are back, making their funny noises. No Red-Winged Blackbirds singing though, so I say Spring is NOT here yet. Finches are still greeny-grey too, though lots of nesting territory fights going on. Haven't smelled any skunks yet, another sign of REAL spring around here.

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isn't it amazing! ... a week ago it was soooo winter ... and today all the spring buds are up ... i am deleriously happy ....NOW, how do i keep the rabbits from eating them all!!!!!! and, AND soon all the slugs will be back ... oh, dear me, i AM a rapid cycler, am i not! (grin)

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silver_wlf(6 Ontario)

I have crocuses coming up too!!! Yippee!!

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karen_w(5 MI)

Okay, it's been warm enough to do yard work and I've got: snowdrops in full bloom, budded daffs, hellebores and primroses, new growth on pansies planted last fall, hyacinths peeking up, also daylilies, sedum and tulips. I'm geeked. (I'm a geek?) K.

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I found some iris reticulata (spelling on that) in bloom yesterday. more of spring is coming. daffs are way up and buds are swelling. my early crocus have dappled the front yard and now the large mid season ones are starting to pop into bloom. we go on vacation next week so i'm sure that i'll miss the whole display.--- i have about 3000 crocus bulbs in my front yard(2 plots of grass about 15'x 30' total

more in a few weeks.

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Just had to chime in here, goodhors brought back loads of memories... born and raised in Michigan and moved to SC about 10 years ago after getting tired of those LONG winters, but boy how those memories of what spring used to be like stay with you! Skunk smell definitely told you that growing weather was right around the corner... a red winged blackbird call would make me go get my trowel to start digging... and then there was the "smell" of spring itself, I can't describe it but that first warm day you got a whiff of it, WOW! So funny how you never get that smell down here... you (or at least I) also never get the INTENSE itch to start gardening down here like I did back up north. Oh don't get me wrong, there is an urge but nowhere as intense as after one of those long winters. I miss all those spring signs. But I don't miss the winters! Not to rub it in but the springs down here are long and delicious... Daff's and forsythia have already finished blooming, bluebirds are nesting, redbuds are in full swing and the dogwoods are just starting... but Michigan springs will always hold a special memory in my heart....

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