What is wrong with my watermelon?!?!

Derek1598August 18, 2013

This is only on one of my watermelons and I ripped it out because im afraid the disease (if it is one) will spread. What the hell is this I've never seen these odd black/brown spots before. The vine had stopped growing (hasnt grown at all in days) so I decided to take it out.

Picture : http://i.imgur.com/00b6mN3.jpg

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It seems to be spreading. Urgent help please!

EDIT : I went on the aggressive. Soaked it in a dawn soap/water combo. And I also put it on the benign powdery mildew on my Pumpkins.

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Hmmm....don't know much about melons. Could be leaf blight or Anthracnose?

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Sorry you're having problems with your watermelon! I have searched the web and can not find what it is that is wrong with your leaf. You might try taking a leaf and the picture to your local Ag extension office. They should be able to help you identify what is wrong. Also, there is a wonderful page on Facebook. It is full of members like the people here that want to help. https://www.facebook.com/VeggieGardening Post your pic there and ask for help. There are people from all over the world who will weigh in. I hope you find out what is wrong and can save your watermelons. Let us know an update.

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