Unsure of what type of squash this may be

PognoxAugust 2, 2011

I am very new to gardening. This spring, I decided I wanted to start my first garden. I bought a few plants that were started by experienced gardeners.

That said, I know little to nothing about what is what. I have been reading as much as possible on line, in old books, and talking to old time gardeners, but I have this one squash that the few people I have asked either did not know, or could not remember the name. Neither of which could me.

The man I bought the squash plants from said that they were Winter Squash. The plants came in a four pack. Now, out of the four, one of them was a zucchini plant. But the other three are the ones that no one seems to know what they are.

They are both a dark green with a large patch of yellow on them. The biggest one that is on there is about 5 or 6 inches in diameter, and they have kind of a flat bottom that has a small indent in the middle of the bottom.

I hope the description is good enough, please ask any questions you may need for me to be able to help you give me an idea of what I am growing here.

I will have a lot of them. I just hope that I will have something here that I will be able to do something tasty with.

Thanks everyone!


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The yellow patch is throwing me off. A picture would be incredibly helpful. Many bicolored squash are inedible ornamental gourds, though by no means all. Squash interbreed freely and the fact that you have a 4 pack with different plants tells me that you didn't get these from a nursery and could just be a random saved cross. Especially since you were told they were winter squash and one was a zucchini.

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Just had a though, it could be a 'batwing' pumpkin. They are half orange and half green. The orange is yellow when they are immature.

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Sounds like the volunteer squash in my garden that has been identified as an acorn squash. Grew very quickly, from small and unidentifiable to classic acorn shape and dark green color. IF the yellow patch is on the bottom.

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topfuziel(z6 CT)

I always get volunteer tomato plants wherever I use my compost, but this year I got some kind of squash/gourd plant. It is so huge I call it a Jack In the Beanstalk vine on its side!! The leaves are huge, maybe 8" wide with dull greyish splotches, with what I guess are bright yellow round gourds growing. The largest is about 5" in diameter. I was hoping for an edible plant, but these have hard knots all over them. The vine currently covers about 10 feet and has even found its way up the end cap of my siding! I must have at least 15 gourds in different stages of growth and many blossoms still coming.
What do I do next? Leave them on, harvest them as they stop growing, or???
Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

topfuziel, had you grown any sort of squash, pumpkin, or gourd last year? Or composted anything along that line?

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How very odd. Like kateedid, I had a volunteer batwing squash in my garden, too, last summer. I identified it at this site: http://www.lespetitsfruits.ca/english/vegetables/squash7/
Do you suppose some migrating birds flew over from New Brunswick and dropped seeds in both of our gardens? I have found no commercial source of seed so don't know where else it could have come from! Just out of the blue! Pognox's sound a little different because of the dimple on the bottom rather than a point typical of acorn squash. Actually, mine are pointier than those in the photo. How do you think yours compare to the website photo, Pognox?
Can the man who sold you the plants tell you anything more about them? I'll email a photo of mine to anyone who wants to give their email address. I don't have a website to post it on.

This summer I grew plants from saved seed and the colors segregated- I got one batwing squash, two green and two gold with a small green ring at the tip. I would like to pass around the batwing seed to friends because it's such a knockout squash (tastes better than regular acorn, too) but I have mildew in my cucurbit patch- does anyone know if it is transmitted via seed? I'd hate to pass that on, too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Les Petits Fruits de Pr�-d'en-Haut

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