Help with pumpkin buds big and small aborting:(

wartywhiteAugust 18, 2013

I've done quite a bit of reading and found one common answer and that would be the fact that the baby buds are dying because the female flowers are not being pollinated. However, I don't see in any of those explanations an answer to this... how can the buds/flowers be pollinated if they yellow and shrivel up before the flower even gets an opportunity to open up?? I didn't think I was suppose to force open a flower to hand pollinate it, am I?

Even the more mature ones get about golf ball size and are shiny green and two days later they are wrinkled and gone. Zone 4, decent temps, even though we did have a few weeks of lower than normal temps and a few nights in the 40's. No sign of pests, but plenty of bees in the area. No mildew, just healthy leaves and vines with dozens of pumpkin buds that all shrivel and die. Could the vines be too long to get nutrients to the buds? They are past 10 feet from base of the vine.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated, although I have a feeling it may be getting too late for anything to make it at this point in the season:(

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I have many aborting now too. It is not uncommon to lose a certain percentage of your fruit that is why we plant extra. For some reason, either too dry or not enough nutrients or maybe too many fruit on that particular vine, the fruit is not viable and it is aborted. I chucked 4 aborted pumpkins from baseball to softball size intro the woods just tonight, they all had been pollinated. Probably have 15~20 non pollinated also aborted. I figure anything starting this late in the season will not ripen before frost anyway. Are all your pumpkins aborting? Do you have some good ones maturing? 10 feet from the base is certainly not too far. In the future you can bury the vine along its length especially at the nodes, it will send more roots into the soil. This will give the vine and fruit extra help. I trim off most secondary vines later in season unless they have established pumpkins so the plant can send all moisture/nutrients to the fruit that is viable.

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