Rooting time for petunia cuttings?

paul_(z5 MI)March 24, 2007

Wasn't sure where best to post this so may post on several forums.

"Thrifty" individual that I am, I was thinking of buying one of the petunia baskets at Lowes [rather surprised thay already have them out] and start taking multiple cuttings. I plan on using them to plant several of those plant bags as my parents like to hang them on their trellis. Tender plants aren't generally safe to plant outside in their area til about Memorial Day.

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Paul, you sneaky little devil...:-)
It takes us about 4 weeks to put roots on and fill out a 2" liner. May take you a little longer without mist and bottom heat, but they aren't horribly difficult.

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seil zone 6b MI

I didn't know you could grow petunias from cuttings. I have some seeds started in trays but I have hair thicker than the seedlings are. I doubt they'll ever get big enough to plant out. I'd like to try some cuttings. Can you tell me how you do it?

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yea, tell me too

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did it work taking cuttings? I am trying to water root some right now

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Dec. 6, I ordered 300 petunia cuttings...I dipped each in a rooting hormone, and used a screw driver to make a small hole..carefully put the soil around...used an elec. heater to keep the barn room at about 6o degrees..watered daily..and now appx. 1 month later..I have beautiful small plants with roots..I am concerned as to when to pinch the tops because some are about 2-3 inches...any advice?

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So I'd really like to do this, can you do it at the end of summer and bring the cuttings inside? Also is their any specifics in picking out a rooting hormone?

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