What can I do about pumpkin vines?

RitingyouAugust 18, 2011

This is my second year planting pumpkins. Last year was fantastic! I only planted 3 seeds and ended up with 9 pumpkins! This year I had more room so I planted 6 on July 4th. But now I have one that is around 7-8 feet long and the others are maybe 2-3.

I noticed some of the leaves looked as if they were being nibbled on, but since they were nibbled on when little from grasshoppers I figured they were ok because it didnt look new. A couple days later I notice one vine looking a bit yellow, and now I'm fineing holes not only in that one vine but almost all! It's right at the root and there seems to be orange/yellow gunk surrounding it. As if a bug went inside and was making it hallow.

I never had these issues last year, and not sure what to do now. I only have 2 pumpkins growing and they are the size of my thumb on the longest vine furthest away from my pumpkin patch. What did I do wrong? WHat can I do to fix this?!?

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

You have Squash Vine Borers (SVBs). I know of them only from reading (Thank God!) so I won't try to give advice. Search 'borers' or 'SVB' at the bottom of the forum page.

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Definitely SVB. Try burying the vine. This is one of the many reasons why crop rotation is so important, however in a small garden this is hard to achieve. The more years you grow the same thing the worse off you will be. If you don't kill the grubs in the vines they will burrow into the ground and be a problem next year. I just stab vines with a small pin a bunch of times to kill the grub in place, others slit the vine open, down the length of the vine, to pull out the grub. You can leave it in and just bury the whole length of the vine because roots can grow at the base of each leaf on the vine.

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