terrybullAugust 24, 2011

ive been reading some articles on growing pumpkins and quit a few mention molassis. what does it do for pumpkins amd what are the application rates for a folier feeding? 1 0z per gal water or 2 oz's.

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Where have you read that? I have never seen it in any context other than for growing giant pumpkins. They do some strange stuff for their pumpkins some of which works and some of which they think works. For me the function would be to make everything sticky and attract critters.

There is some good stuff in molasses though, take a look

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trev it was in growing giant pumpkins post. anyways this is what i found,

2 oz's fish emulsion
2 oz's molasses
1 oz calcium nitrate
per gal of water

maybe they use the molasses for the micro nutrients?

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The molasses is an old remedy, and you can substitute clear corn syrup instead if you want. People even spread it on their lawn, but it works fine in gardens too.

IIRC the high sugar content gets broken up by the bacteria in the soil, which is then taken up by the grass/plants.

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