Pumpkins Dying

cubguy17August 8, 2014

My fruits get to be about the size of a racquetball. Then shrivel up and die. I assume it's not getting something it needs but I don't know what. This is my first time trying to grow pumpkins (giant pumpkins ) as I'm in a small contest with my brother and a few other friends so I'm hoping to weigh one but I have no clue what I'm doing. I water one to two times a day I'd say 20 gallons give or take . I fertilize but maybe once a week because I'm not sure whar it is doing for the plant so I didn't want to burn them up. I also might not be growing them in the best spot but I don't know. Any thoughts would help. Thanks

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Hi Cubguy, what type of fertilizer are you using?

Once a pumpkin plant is developing fruit, a fertilizer high in potassium is helpful (if you're not sure look at the back of your fertilizer for the n-p-k numbers, you want the k to be the highest) Definitely stay away from anything high in nitrogen at this stage (the 1st number).

I'm not an expert but I know that really big pumpkins need a lot of fertilizing, you may want to increase the frequency of your feedings. If you're worried about burning the plant, there are a lot of organic options that won't burn.

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Could also be that the female flower didn't get pollinated the fruits will shrivel and die.

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I would also back off on the fertilizer and if you can get some fruit to set thin the fruits to no more than two per vine as the plant will put everything into them and I would only water every 3-4 days unless the plant is wilting

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