Chickens in Indianapolis Metro

idave2000(z5Indianapolis)March 21, 2005

Hello, Today I went out and purchased 4 chicks. I live in Carmel and I am quite sure that I am breaking some rules but I always wanted chickens LOL! Any tips or experiences with urban chicken raising? Dave

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Awe Dave! That's too funny. You remind me of a story I heard as a kid, how my mom wouldn't let Grampa kill a chicken for dinner. Mom turned that one into a pet named "Bitty" that she had for years. Now that story has started MANY family jokes about what ever caused that chicken's demise!

Best of luck with the new pets, and watch out for the neighbors dogs!

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

I love it! Where are you keeping them? Are they indoors? Watch out for raccoons too.

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cantstopgardening(Zone 4/5 WI)

I've read a lot of posts about them lately, it sounds like fun. Someone described a 'chicken tractor' which is a little contraption used to move them from spot to spot in the yard. Like a cage, but with wheels on one end, handles on the other, and no bottom, so th chickens just walk along underneath when you move it. Portable bug-catchers!!

Have fun with the peeps!!

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

When I lived in a small town in southern Ontario, I had a little shed (12x10)in behind the old house. I built a little chicken coop there for 5 hens, thus giving me fresh eggs every day. I also built a little run just outside the coop where they could go out and scratch in the mud. That was fenced in on all sides with a top on it, keeping the racoons out. Of course, my good old trustworthy Kentucky Redbone Coonhound kept a careful watch over them as well. She could just about reach the run, but not quite. Eventually she got used to them.

In another part of the shed, I set up rabbit cages. Now that was fun. Lots of free fertilizer for the garden. LOL

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I live just 4 miles outside the city limits of Chicago. Farm animals are not allowed..But chickens are birds.HAHA. I built a small 8 hen henhouse that works well for my 3 girls. Someone a few blocks away has a rooster, that takes a lot of guts. I heard a neighbor called the police on that poor rooster. Turns out the rooster was smart enough to be quite when the cops showed up.
The chickens will get into your garden, flower beds, patio deck, and everywhere else you don't want them to get into. Racoons are the worst predator, so lock them up at night. Watch out for neighbors cats and I ever had to fight off a huge hawk.
Drive out to the country to buy your feed, its alot cheeper and people know what you need.

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Hey Dave, how are the chicks doing? (boy that can be taken a couple of ways! lol) How about an update?

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Thanks to everyone for your responses. My chickens are doing great and I'm looking forward to getting a coop together for them...maybe this weekend. One of them has feathered out completely and is very cool looking, the other 3 are still working on it. They have loads of personality and every one is unique in their own way. I'm still waiting to hear from anyone in Carmel about them. Whenever I tell someone I have them, they think it's great. Of course I don't live next door to them! Can't wait for my first eggs in about 4 months!!!

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Hey Dave, where did you buy your chicks, how old were they when you got them?
I'm planning on doing the same, getting a dozen

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