Little bit of green when harvesting OK?

Sid23August 20, 2012

Having to harvest many pumpkins early due to stress of vines from heat and bugs as I have posted earlier. Does any one know if it is OK to harvest when just a tiny bit of green is still on pumpkin? If this was mid Oct. I would not bother asking, but trying to cure and save these now for Oct. and beyond. If they are too green then I should leave them but I have borers randomly boring right into pumpkins so I am wanting to get them out of the patch as soon as possible. Have many that look like this. Should I give them a bit longer or should they be OK to harvest?

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Yes. You can actually harvest them when they are deep green and have the slightest hint of orange. Even at that stage they will ripen fully off the vine. This isn't ideal if you want a long storing pumpkin but they will at least continue to ripen.

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Thanks Trev, hoping you were out there for me today. Will get about 10 more off tomorrow then!

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