Fast Growing 30-40ft Shade Tree Mid-MI

grrdeerMarch 11, 2010

I'm looking for a Fast Growing Shade Tree that reaches 25-40 foot. We're replacing a sickly maple that has a bad case of Maple Leaf Spot and I'm afraid a new maple would catch the same thing, so I would rather not plant another maple. An ornamental pear was suggested. We can get a Cleveland Ornamental Pear from Gurney for a good price. I know the Bradley are subject to breaking, but the Cleveland is supposed to be better.

Many other fast growers grow too tall (this will be about 12-15 foot from the house, drive, and road).

I also don't want a fruit bearing tree (crab apples or smaller ok) or anything that is real messy.

Anyone have any other ideas?

We're in Mid-Michigan (Zone 5).

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rawb(5, Erie shoreline)

No thoughts here mate ... sorry. I would only suggest an apple tree or reg. pear, paw paw etc.. and you don't want that!..I'm into the whole edible landscape thing.. If I nurture it, it has to give me back something in return other than visual appearance.. LoL

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what about a hawthorn? fruits are small(berry size), flowers nice in the spring. my looks a bit ratty by the end of the summer leaf wize, but then its the end of the summer. berries stay bright red all winter and don't drop until the end of february-- birds will eat them in very late winter.
thorns on the limbs are a bit of an issue when you prune--
but otherwise not a problem.
after 15 years mine is about 35 foot tall-- just the tops of the branches are in the wires to the house with about a 20-25 foot spread. trunk is about 8" calliper. it started as a 3" stem about 12 foot tall. but took three years before it started to jump in size.

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Serviceberry (Amelanchier). Nice flowers, edible fruit (if you beat the birds to them) and great fall color.


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goodhors(z5 MI)

Dogwood or Redbud are both small, airy trees. No fruit that I know of, but I don't have either. Lovely early flowers.

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