Birdhouse gourds are humongous!!!

SoPea(7)August 18, 2013

Thought I'd grow some Bradshaw birdhouse gourds to provide purple martin housing near the garden next year, but each one is turning into a multi-family housing unit. Plus, they're each about the weight of a cannon ball, proving that a concrete remesh trellis is no match.

Would some kind and wise soul please tell me if I can cut them down now and start curing, or do I really need to wait for the stems to brown and wither before calling it quits for the growing season?

They have been a delight to grow, but boy are they big!

Alpharetta, Ga.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

That is ok. The bigger the better. I have grown them in North Fulton, not far from Alpharetta, many times in the past. I never did support them like you have done.

NO, NO!! don,t cut them !. Keep them on the vine as long as the vine is live, till frost or whatever. Then you can cut an let them mature/fully dry in a shack, or garage for several months., before doing any work on them.

Just protect them from squirrels.
You might think that with that size they must be heavy(like pumpkins), BUT they are not, b/c they are hollow inside with just some seeds, No flesh, except the wall thickness that hardens as they mature.

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Don't know a thing about them. Just had to comment that your set up and gourds look AWESOME. Would like to see a pic of the whole thing!

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Must be the well water we're on in No. Fulton, because they sure aren't light. I've already had two sheet strips rip off the remesh due to the weight.

Come on over to Westbrook Rd. and heft one if there's still doubt.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Thanks for the invite. But I am no longer in GA. I have moved to Seattle, WA.

About the weight: I wanted to say that they are much lighter than pumpkins of the same size. Obviously, when they are green they are relatively heavy but still the vine can handle it. But It wont hurt to be cautious.

Another kind that I grew was SWAN gourds. Try that one next year if you want. They are slightly bigger.

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