Broken Squash Vine

bcjen(2b)August 29, 2012


I've got a great vegetable garden going this year (finally!), but we just had a big wind storm, and I've been assessing the damage.

The only problem I've had to date with my squash/zucc/cukes has been powdery mildew- no squash borers, yahoo! So now I've got several fist-sized buttercup squash growing on a trellis/plant stand, and the wind knocked it over and snapped one of the vines!

I'm a little heartbroken- does anyone have any suggestions? Would it be possible to save it? Re-root it? Splint it? Yes, I know I'm grasping at straws here, but any advice would be appreciated!!!



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If it is totally broken off and there are no other roots in dirt after the break then I think there is not much of a chance. If it is partially broken and it is possible get the vine straightened out and get some dirt on the break you may save it. Being it is in a pot I presume, that it is going up a trellis, this may not be possible. Good luck with it bcjen.

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