too late to plant gourds?

swannsong57August 10, 2010

Have I decided late to plant birdhouse gourds? We are in East TX. Our average first frost is in mid November, but usually a light one. We can have a hard frost in late Nov. Is it just too late to plant? I have the seeds, so I figure what do I have to lose? If they are covered with a tarp for a freeze, will they live? I don't expect large ones at this late date, but I'd like some even if they are small.

Would culling them down to a few choice gourds encourage faster and larger growth?

Thank you!

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swannsong57, I have decided to plant late gourds too! I don't have any idea if its going to work or not but one thing for sure I'll never know what happens if I don't try!! I'm going to experiment and see just how thick the gourd walls will be at the end of the growing seasson. (If I can even get the seeds up). But the hot weather were having and the enormous size of the grasshoppers are not in our favor. May be some one can answer these questions. Good luck!

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susancol(7 Atlanta)

According to what I found online, you won't get full grown birdhouse gourds by your frost time.

"Lagenaria, or 'Bird House' gourds will need about 150 to 180 growing days in order to fully mature to 9" or 10" gourds."

That puts your harvest dates somewhere between mid January or mid February.

You can certainly try, but you'll have better luck if you wait until next season and plant in the spring.

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