Feather Reed Grasses

mary_maxAugust 13, 2013

Are all seeds on all feather reed grasses sterile or just the Karl Foerster Reed feather grass? I want to sow some for my garden but so far no sprouts. Perhaps will just have to purchase one(Karl Foerster Reed) and then divide it later. Thanks for any info you might send my way regarding this grass.

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Calamagrostis x acutiflora cultivars; 'Karl Foerster,' 'Avalanche,' 'Overdam,' 'Eldorado,' etc.. are mostly sterile, and when they aren't, the seeds don't come true to the parent.

Calamagrostis brachytricha (Korean Feather Reed Grass) can be grown from seed, but is not as upright and architectural as C.x acutiflora cultivars.

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Thanks for that info Donn. I just googled pictures of each and I see what you mean about Korean Feather Reed Grass not being as upright and architectural as the Karl Foerster. I really like the look of the Karl Foerster! Thanks again.

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