zebra grass blues...

sjean13August 13, 2008

Hi, I have 4 large clumps of zebra grass planted along the front of my house as a substitution for traditional shrubs. However, they have gotten pretty loose in their growth formation and the fronds are hanging low to the ground in the front. I always see them elsewhere and they are always nice and tight clumps standing upright for the most part. Anyone know what may be causing this? thanks for any help! Sara

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Water (rain or irrigation) and/or fertilizer and/or shade.

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achnatherum(z4or3 Ontario)

Miscanthus varieties tend to get a little floppier as they get older & bigger.
Zebra grass (Miscanthus sinensis 'Zebrinus') is often mistaken for Porcupine grass (Miscanthus sinensis 'Strictus') - same variegation but a much more upright form

Even my mature 'Strictus' is much looser with age. If we have rainy weather when the grass is first flowering it falls right open.

Next year divide your grasses - smaller clumps = tighter clumps
Based on advice from this site a couple of years ago; loosely tie your grasses up long before they droop. This works really well. And, if you do it early enough you don't see the twine.

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thanks for the help. I think I'll be moving it next year. I had no idea it did this. Any suggestions on what to put in it's place? something similar, no bigger than the zebra grass? It gets part shade I'd say. Not much morning sun. thanks again!

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