pumpkins dying

dick1204August 19, 2009

I have several Burpee Big Max plants. This my second year growing these. My problem this year is that early on I had 5 to 7 good looking fruit from golf ball size to softball size and thought things were going good. They looked healthy and were a nice yellow color. In short order these all turned white and rotted away. Subsequent fruit have done the same thing.

The plants and leaves are all healthy green and large. I even hand polinated some of these fruit and I know there are plenty of bees around.

I know fruit will shrivel and die if not pollinated but how big will they get before they die. I figured I was beyond that stage with these fruit.

We had a very wet early summer here. Could this have had something to do with it or is there some disease going on.

I did not have this problem last year. I water daily and fertilize weekly with a Miracle Grow foilage feeder.


Dick, Andover, MA

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Dick, do the plants look healthy?

Tahlequah, OK

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I'm having the exact same problem. Though, I'm growing my pumpkins(jack-o-lanterns) in pots. They flower abundantly and bees are everywhere. As the fruit begins to form it looks great and then goes white and rotten. I don't water daily, about every 2-3 days. I also Miracle grow on a weekly basis. I was wondering if it was maybe because the plants are growing up onto my deck and not on the ground. My summer has also been very similar to Dick's.

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Thanks for the replies:

To macmex: Yeah the plants look great. Big green leaves and thick vines. I now have several more fruit that so far look good. Weather has been drier lately and I have cut back on my watering.

To impulse: I doubt growing them on the deck is a problem. Better to keep them off the wet ground. Perhaps it was the wet spring and wet early summer. I now have a couple bigger than a softball. I've cut back on watering and it has been drier. Lets see what happens.

Dick, Andover, MA

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