Red Penstemons/beardtongue for Zone 5?

organic_sumacApril 14, 2008

Hi, everyone,

I'm in Toronto and *loved* the "Ruby" penstemons/beard tongue I had in my garden last year. I realized at the end of the summer that they're only hardy in Zone 9 (Mexico?) and I have to start over again.

Any suggestions about similar red/bright pink penstemons or other that will overwinter here? I really liked this because they have a "bushy" foliage as well as the bright flowers.



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Hi Sarah,

Yup, there are some hardy varieties for your region/zone. Look for P. barbatus "Prairie Red". It's hardy to Zone 2. While "Husker Red" may sound perfect, it blooms white to pale pink. the foliage turns a deep burgundy at the end of the season, hence the red name.

good luck

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