bald patch in the middle of my pumpkin patch

kennabennaAugust 22, 2012

hey guys this year is my first year planting pumpkins and now its almost a week before september and in the middle of my pumpkin patch I have a big spot that is dieing. all the leaves are turning yellow and dieing and some have white spots on them a lot of the vines look like they are dieing too. I have probably 10 good pumpkins and some are orange and some are still green. what should I do??

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I don't know for sure, but I think this is the natural progression of a pumpkin vine. It's the first year for pumpkins for me too, and my vine is looking pretty bad. I think you should pick the pumpkins which are orange and leave the rest to finish. But let's see if someone else chimes in because I'm a newbie too. Congratulations on 10 pumpkins. I only have 5.

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Sounds like powdery mildew. If you are to that point there isn't much that can be done. Definitely not desired, but won't keep you from getting nice pumpkins either.

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ok so today (august 29th) I had to toss three pumpkins due to rot or bugs eating them and also had to pick three pumpkins. question one does anyone know the best way to store them untill halloween? and question two, one of my pumpkins that i picked is still green is there a way I can ripen it so it turns orange and is still good and also store it untill halloween?? thanks

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