Unknown Grass

strictus(IOWA - 4b/ 5a)August 20, 2005

Hi everyone .....

I just joined up and wanted to say "HEY" !!

Curious how to post a pic of a small (carex I think) grass and a (miscanthus I think) that Im having trouble identifying. I dont have pics saved to a site, but they are digital nonetheless.

Can anyone share how to a new fella ?



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First you have to put them somewhere that we can get to. PhotoBucket works for me. Free and (mostly) dependable.

Once you have them in PhotoBucket, just copy the appropriate tag line beneath the thumbnail, and paste it into a post.

The appropriate tag line looks like this:

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copy the middle, or HTML tag in PhotoBucket.

I wonder why code looks OK in the preview, but doesn't make the leap on submission.

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