Need help identifying ornamental grass

twoodAugust 27, 2009

We planted an ornamental grass early this summer and it's now starting to bloom with tall golden grasses coming out from the top. We were just looking for an ornamental grass with no blooms that reaches about 3-5' tall. Anyone know what the difference is between these and what the name is of the one we're really looking for? It's hard to find this online.. most sites don't describe if and how the plant changes throughout the year.

Also - what is the best time to plant? Is August too late? THANKS!!

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All grasses bloom. That's how plants reproduce producing flowers, then seeds and all will attempt to do so at some point in their life cycle. Some OG's are less inclined to produce flowers/seedheads routinely and some will produce flowers/seedheads that are barely noticeable but all will attempt to go through their normal reproduction cycle at some point.

Taller growing OG's -- Miscanthus, Panicums, Calamagrostis, etc. -- tend to have more noticeable blooms than a lot of shorter growing grasses or sedges. And they are pretty reliable in producing them every season......the flower plumes/seedheads are one of the primary features folks grow them for!

I don't know what OG to suggest for you as I doubt it exists. There are some grass-like plants that produce flowers very infrequently (phormiums, bamboos) but they are unlikely to be appropriate for your purpose either due to lack of hardiness or height and vigor. You can cut off the budding flowers as they become apparent but that's not easy to do with affecting the natural appearance of the grass.

Have you seen this "non-blooming" grass somewhere? Can you post photos? That could help with an ID.

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