Little Princess Spirea

scout21aApril 28, 2008

I have several little princesses in my yard and some have a lot of dead branches on them with some having a little life. What should I do? are they salvagable?

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goodhors(z5 MI)

I think you are talking about the little Japanese spirea, which get the pink flowers, stay about 30" tall.

If so, you can prune these sharply each spring. I try to cut mine before leaf buds get going to save plant's energy for regrowth. You can still cut them if leaves have started, just remove less stick.

I take off about 6 inches, but mine have no leaves when trimmed. If the leaves are bigger than your fingernail, I would only take 3-4 inches off. Take out any dead sticks, thin out the middle area. This lets air move around more easily, preventing problems and dead stick (no leaves) centers in bush.

I find my Japanese spireas bloom very well with this program. I also get real good color in the leaves, with bush being quite thick all season. I have the Lime and Gold Mound bushes in two locations for their color. Pruning seems to aid color intensity as well.

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Little Princess is a variety of Spiraea japonica, and is not so little as the name implies. Cut back to nearly ground level in early spring(too late now) to rejuvenate.

Steve Galehouse

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