Blooms and Pets - Fri. Part 2

JJOFJuly 20, 2012

My red NOID that I love. It's probably my favourite daylily out of all of the ones I have.

Henry on the move (he's handicapped but he does just fine.)

CRIMSON PIRATE (This daylily blooms for 3 months straight. It's a monster!)

Tucker having a "cat nap" on the futon.

A nice clump shot of ROOT BEER. (Lots of branching and buds on this one. The stalks on this one are very strong.)

Daphne with her pink bunny. She likes to sleep on it using it as her pillow.

A new one for me this year - DAD'S BEST WHITE


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I like the red NOID, it looks like its a tall one too. Real eye catcher. Root Beer is a nice clump. Henry is very pretty, why is he handicapped? Bet it doesn't stop him. Marg

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Marg - Henry was born with an underdevoped hind end. His hips are very skinny with no muscle tone. When he walks he kind of "wobbles" side to side. His jumping and bathroom skills are limited but he is such a devil of a cat. Very mischevious and curious. He doesn't let his limitations stop him. He does well and keeps up with the others just fine.

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Your red NOID is a beauty, can see why you love it, like Root Beer, too. Henry and Tucker look like relatives, are they? Daphne is so cute with her toy. Avedon

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Avedon - No Henry and Tucker are not related. They do look alike though. Henry isn't quite as fluffy as Tucker. Henry is 5 and Tucker will be 3 in the Fall. They both were strays living on the street that I rescued.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Bless you, Jason for rescueing the kitties and giving them a good home.I do think they need a diet of some kind.They are looking really over weight, but they are such beauties.I love cats,and tolerate dogs.haha Use to have several dogs, but, not any more.
Love the clump of CRIMSON PIRATE. its gorgeous. and so is ROOT BEER.. both are so pretty.


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shive(6b TN)

Your black and white cats are so cute! I really thought Henry and Tucker would be related. They look a lot alike. Good looking strays in your part of the world. Crimson Pirate is a bud builder and long bloomer here too, although my plant is not the monster in size that yours is.


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Lovely daylilies and kitties. You have a nice batch of black and white kitties. I love black and white kitties, so pretty. Anyway, back to daylilies. That clump of CRIMSON PIRATE is definately my favorite. Awesome.

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Oh my what a nice surprise. You have a lovely picture of
Root Beer. I also have this plant but it doesn't grow as
nicely as yours. Maybe I should give it a talking to.

I've had it 4 or 5 years. Your color is accurate too.



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Well Jason, you have some adorable cats and some lovely blooms. Henry looks like a card. Good for you to adopt them. Our lives are enricjed by some stays too.

I really like your red NOID. Root Beer is also a nice one. Great clumps too.

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Cats on the furniture--but I don't see a single hair on the futon. And the carpet looks as though it was just vacuumed.
Root Beer is my favorite.

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Your cats are adorable! And how cute is that - Daphne and her bunny! Oh, and also what Mantis said about carpet, great job ;))
I like your red noid and my favorite is that huge clump of Crimson Pirate

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Jean - Henry is actually a skinny cat, his fur makes him look bigger. Tucker is sooooo fluffy that he really looks huge but when I have him shaved in the spring he isn't very big. Same with Emma. Daphne is a chubby girl indeed. She weighs in at a hefty 18 pounds but other than her allergies (which I give her 1/4 of a Clariton tablet for every day in the summer) she is a happy, healthy 12 year old cat.

Phaltyme - My Root Beer daylily is 3 years old and it was a great daylily right from the get go. I have no complaints about it. I hope yours shapes up.

Kay - Henry is a very special cat. He's got such a personality. What a character he is. You're totally right, he is a card!

Mantis - Okay I'll admit it, I'm a bit of a neat freak. I love my animals but I'm pretty good about keeping the house a fairly good "shedding free zone!" haha

Thank-you all for your comments!

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Jason, the daylilies look great, but your cat photos take the cake. I love the black noses on all of them. They definitely look like siblings.

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