Wild Cherry Trees Dying

forgottenSeptember 22, 2008

According to the guy that cut some trees down last year I have some black cherry hardwood trees on my property. Problem is they all look like they are dying. I can't say any tree cutting has affected them. Some are isolated deep into the woods. In fact some look like they've been having problems for a few years. Anyone have similar problems?

North Georgia

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Correction on title..black cherry

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These are likely Prunus serotina trees and I must say that most of the ones I've ever had only look good in the spring. They tend to get attacked by various bugs (which is just natural) during the summer and then drop their leaves fairly early. They also get the condition that causes oozing and lumps on the bark (the technical term eludes me ...). That is to say, they are not "good looking" trees.

So, it's easy at this time of year to think they look awful and might be dying. I would just watch them come spring and make an evaluation then.

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I wish mine had died on their own and saved me the cost of removal.

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Thanks I'll consider what you've said.

Vroomp: If mine come down they'll be milled for furniture.

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