Can you plant heirloom seeds(pumpkins) next to or near hybrids?

mirromereAugust 22, 2012

I planted some Connecticut Field Pumpkins and they produced a yellow fruit that never got bigger than a golf ball and the vines were yellow as well. The leaves started out very green and healthy looking, so I don't know what happened. I fertilized them as well. My other pumpkins that I grew all did well, they were hybrids. Can you plant heirlooms near hybrids or do you have to exclusively plant just heirlooms? I am not saving seeds right now, I just wanted to produce some good pumpkins. If this is the problem, does it go the same for watermelons as well or other vegetables?

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As long as you are not saving seeds, you can interplant hybrids and open pollinated with no effect on the plants or fruits. Only exception is sweet corn.

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Intermixing varieties (even if compatable types, not all squash are) would not change this years fruits only the seeds and future squash that result from those seeds.

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