From Cardinal Desire to TNT and Cowgirl

shive(6b TN)July 20, 2014

CARDINAL DESIRE has a lovely bloom, but I'm not getting the height or the bud count that I should after three years. I think it needs a better place.

A LITTLE FIRE SCARECROW was so pretty today!



BEST FOR LAST - a late to remember!

ALL THINGS TO ALL MEN - This was the ffo on a new plant. It didn't look so splotchy to the naked eye, but the camera captured every flaw. It took three days to open up, and it got a bit a rain during that time. I crossed it with Best for Last.

Here's my tame gypsy cat, Cowgirl, who always stays inside. She likes creature comforts.

AUGUST FROST won't make it till August.

EL DESPERADO probably has a week left to bloom.

TNT with its curly petals and sepals.

My seedling True to Whim X Persian Pattern seems to be doing a bit of bud building!



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A Little Fire Scarecrow has the perfect contrasting background. Cowgirl has the perfect resting place. Does Best for Last change colors throughout the day? I've seen it in lots of different shades, from bright pink to pale lavender.

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shive(6b TN)

Mantis - I would describe Best for Last as a lavender pink. It looks more lavender in the shade and more pink in direct sunlight.


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Ruby Lipstick looks great even in a supporting role (in the Autumn Jewels picture). I have Autumn Jewels too and love the flower, but so many of its buds shrivel and fall off without blooming. It happens every year, and in every location where I've tried it. Does your plant suffer from that problem as well?

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shive(6b TN)

Statmam - On Autumn Jewels, I don't recall a problem with bud drop in past years, and I've grown it for at least a dozen years. It has dropped a couple of buds this year. But we haven't had any rain to speak of in about a month, and I've been out of town and not doing supplemental watering. I've had several late blooming daylilies drop buds lately.


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Maryl zone 7a

I can't see Cowgirl roughing it outside herding cattle. She looks too content inside herding kitty dreams.....Love the pattern and color on A Little Fire Scarecrow. The name makes no sense to me though...Cardinal Desire is a pretty red and Ruby Lipstick always gets my attention in your pictures.........Maryl

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sherrygirl zone5

Love a Little Fire Scarecrow. How big does this get? I dont always care for spiders, this one is great!

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shive(6b TN)

Maryl - I think the reason behind the name A Little Fire, Scarecrow is twofold. Because the edges lighten, you only see a little fire (red). Also, in the spidery world at that time the Herringtons and a few others were doing Wizard of Oz themed names. I think Jim Murphy thought that one would fit right in with an Oz themed daylily garden.

Sherrygirl - A Little Fire, Scarecrow is registered as growing 47 inches. It never has in my garden. It gets 28-30 inches tall here, but I grow it in a pot. It's also registered as a rebloomer. But it's never that here either. It is a fast multiplier though.


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Thanks for the information, Debra. Drought is rarely an issue here, but I'm glad to learn that the cultivar in general doesn't suffer from that problem. Maybe I'll order another AJ from a different supplier.

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I remember seeing a photo of A Little Fire Scarecrow and admiring it then, but your photo is so much better. You have a red and white theme going. Cowgirl must be the smartest of your kitties to prefer the comforts of being an indoor cat.

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Julia NY(6)

I can't pick a favorite. They are all great. Wish I could add more but I'm sticking to my plan for this year. Love that BEST FOR LAST. Amazing openings.


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shive(6b TN)

Chris - Cowgirl is definitely the smartest one of the bunch. (And the tallest.) Zuzu is smart enough to come in the basement in winter, but he gets very frightened when he's in the regular part of the house. The others won't come inside for any amount of cat treats.

Maryl - I love your comments about Cowgirl. Actually we call the outdoor cats "the herd." We sign greeting cards with our names, Cowgirl and the herd.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

beautiful, as always, I love AUGUST JEWELS ,Don't remember seeing that one before, but its a beauty.and COWGIRL is very pretty,I'm a sucker doe cats anyway, love kitties. and sure do like AUGUST FROST too, that is soo pretty,as well as one of my favorite,EL DESPERADO. I love that one.


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Beautiful selection today! I love this A Little Fire Scarecrow. Now that's the kind of spider / UF I like! I also like Cardinal Desire, Autumn Jewels and Ruby Lipstick. Best For Last looks great!
Great FFO on All Things.. I'd like to add this one too, will just have to wait till the prices come down ;)
I am still amazed that a gypsy cat chose to be a completely indoor cat! She is a cutie!

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shive(6b TN)

Nat - Thanks for commenting on All THINGS. I got lucky and snagged a single fan for a much lower price than the hybridizer's catalog. I bought it mainly for seed production since Emmerich touts it as the only plant you'll ever need for hybridizing since it works with all colors. She has gotten some amazing kids from it, and even more spectacular grandkids.


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Your pic of AJ with RL can just about take your breath away......stunning together! I'm not a spider fan, but I'm very tempted to add ALFS to the garden as it has a lot of visual interest. First time I've seen kind of daylily.....just love that one. I'm going to see the "Cats" musical on Wednesday......will be my third time to see it, and Cowgirl looks good enough to play a lead in that production.....very cute.


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I suppose it was the auction for All Things? If yes than too bad I don't do LA. Too scared to get carried away :)

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Laura twixanddud(5b MI)

What a great group of pictures! I can't pick a favorite, couldn't even pick two or three.

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shive(6b TN)

Linda - Cowgirl is a great poser, so I think she'd make a good model. I not sure about her acting, singing, and dancing skills. LOL

Nat - I found All Things listed in the Plant Step catalog of a person I had bought and traded with in the past. It's only a single fan, but it seems very healthy.


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Oh I see, that's great! Looking forward to your future seedling!!

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Cowgirl is adorable and looks very comfortable. TNT is striking. I like the shot of Ruby Lipstick with August Jewels. Ruby Lipstick is beautiful, and I like the way it is a very good bloomer. Cardinal Desire is so pretty it is a shame it isn't working for you. Best for Last is a lovely three bloom clump, but my favorite is A little Fire Scarecrow. That one will come to live here eventually.

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