Shot, are you ok?

esh_gaSeptember 7, 2009

We haven't heard from you in a while - are you still around, buddy?

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shot(8 - GA)

Thanks for the message of concern. I am still hanging in there. I have a 1330 appointment today to discuss some blood work I had done a couple of weeks ago.

How are you doing?


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Well, better now for hearing from you! School has started again of course so everything is back into a routine. These cool mornings are just lovely, aren't they? Can't wait for fall!

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shot(8 - GA)

ESH, glad to hear that the routine is routine again. Thank God for schools, huh?

Wondering how you been fairing with all the rain in your area. Our daughter in Atlanta sent her mother a picture of the parking lot at her apartment. She had gone to Savannah for the weekend and returned to all the water.

Hope you are doing well.


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We had a lot of rain and there was standing water in the yard (even against the house) for some time yesterday when the rain was NON-STOP and heavy. But all is well now and the damage to the landscape is minor (3 shrubs got swept away). I cringe when I watch the news and see what others are having to deal with.

Good to hear from you!

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Hey buddy boy, just wanted to check in with you again.

The rain just keeps coming this year, doesn't it? We waded through another spell yesterday.

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shot(8 - GA)


Good to hear from you as usual. I am hanging in there just getting dizzier by the day.

Wow! We have had our share of it this year. We are up to over 14 inches for the year. Cold too! Deb is suppose to set the fireplace up while she is off. We had talked about getting gas logs, but we need to burn up what wood we have accumulated.

Oh, she got me a new computer for Christmas. It is Dell with 750 gig hd, 6 gigs of RAM, 1 gig video card and a 23 inch monitor. It has Win 7 on it and I am trying to get use to it. Thank goodness we have a computer geek in the family...

Hope you and the family have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Your ole friend,

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shot(8 - GA)

You made my Christmas. Hope you had a very Merry Christmas and got all the things you had wished for.
Hope that your son, Alex, had a Happy Birthday.

I am still kicking... just not a high as I once did. If I could just get my appetite back. I am down to 151 pounds.

We had a Merry Christmas and got the things we needed and wanted. We had the grandkids home, so it was nerve wracking. Thankfully they all had left by yesterday and then the company started coming. I finally got my nap...

For the New Years I think the wife and I will stay home. That is suppose to be our next chance of rain. What am I talking about... I couldn't go out anyway. So what are you guys doing for New Years?


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Great to hear from you - glad that you had a nice Christmas. I'm sorry to hear about your lack of appetite - I'd bring you a fresh pecan pie if you'd eat it!

We have no big plans for New Year's Eve either - just a local get together with several friends. We are long past going to a fancy shindig where you have to a) dress up and b) drive along way! I hope some well wishers stop by to see you. Friends and family, what more could you wish for?

Take care.

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