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avedon_gwJuly 6, 2012

I have been back for a few days now, trying hard to get back into the "groove" of being home and having a computer again. I have been trying to view as many posts as I can, it's hard because this is the peak time and there are so many. Anyway, I will add to the list with a few that I have. Avedon

WB Good Old Days

This picture was taken by DH while I was gone. It's bloomed out, so I have never seen it "in the flesh", but I really like the pic.

Orchid Corsage

Another DH pic--good color on this one, so must have been taken early or else with cloud cover.

WB Mom's Cinnamon Rolls

DH Photo-never seen for myself, looks good to me

Twirling Parasol

My picture taken a couple of days ago. This is a brand new plant, and I love the flower.

Susan Weber

My pic, and this one has been a very good bloomer, also a new plant for us.

Royal Heritage

Beautiful color, but not a good bloomer, may be removed next year.

Princeton Silky

Totally reliable bloomer even under these adverse weather conditions.


This happens often with this daylily--this is more than a double, don't know what to call it since I can't figure out just how many petals and sepals it has.

Julianna Lynn

This is rebloom, and this plant has two scapes right now, so more blooms to come, love it!

WB Living High On A Hog

New plant for us, the flowers are large.

So Lovely Twins

The So Lovelys are doing very well in the heat and drought. These two were looking so cool and pretty when I took the pic in the morning.

Thats all for now, folks, hope you see something you like. Thanks for looking. Avedon

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Welcome Back home AVEDON. Your pictures are very nice. I love WB MOM"S CINAMON ROLLS. and SUSAN WEBER is a beauty. and I really like your yellow douuble NOTHFIELD. its very pretty, and JULIANNA LYNN is my favorite.


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

The longer you are back the more into the routine you will get. Welcome back, I hope you did enjoy a break from home lol!

Those blooms all look great but Susan Weber is my favorite.

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shive(6b TN)

Your husband did a good job taking photos while you were gone! That's a really wonderful photo of Orchid Corsage. The heat has faded mine horribly, so it looks anemic.


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Lovely pics of Susan Weber and Julianna Lynn. My W. Good Old Days bloomed a magenta purple, but I notice that many pics show it as pinkish. (Unfortunately, I prefer the faux pinkish tone.) Well, this season was hard on everything, though I certainly hope its bud count improves.

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celeste(zone 4 NH)

YAY, YOU'RE BACK!! I was going to do a post requesting you to see if you were home yet...and then here you are!
I hope your mom is doing well and was appreciative of all you did for her. I am pleased that you are back with us on the forum. I know what you mean about it being so busy both here and in the garden! I have taken hundreds of photos but have only had time to do a few posts...and every day something new is opening (my daylily season is just starting). Then there's Mom to take care of, my grandson, the house (but who cares about housework when the garden is peaking?). You have some very, very pretty daylilies here, with Julianna Lynn being my favorite. That Northfield bloom is out of this world!
Welcome back!


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Thanks, everyone,for the kind welcome. I really missed "talking" to all of you. My mom is doing very well to be 94 years old, and she can get around slowly with a walker, so we were not housebound as I feared we might be. Nearly every day I was able to get her into the car for a little trip somewhere, even just driving around town to give us a break from the house.
I will have some more pictures possible tomorrow, but we are already under a burn ban, so we have had very little rain and the plants show it. This has been such a bad year for everyone it seems, so let's hope for better days ahead. Avedon

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Hi Avedon!!
Well, I have computer access every day but I still can't catch up with all the posts :)
Lovely flowers! I especially like W.Good Old Days and Susan Weber. And that's a beautiful picture of Orchid Corsage!

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Maryl zone 7a

Boy that multipetaled yellow sure catches my eye. So unusual. Could almost be a Dahlia. I am smitten by the cool delicate coloring of Orchid Corsage also. Very pretty.......Maryl

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How sad that you weren't able to see many of your flowers blooming, but at least you have some photos. My favorite is Orchid Corsage -- love the color, and I think it's a great photo, too.

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