Miscanthus s. Rigoletto.

rodjaAugust 14, 2007

Hi Does any member grow miscanthus sinensis Rigoletto and if so how good is it to say Mis. s. Morning Light also same question re Mis . Dixieland? Thanks R.

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Rigoletto was found at Bluemel nursery, for which we owe them a thank you since this is an outstanding grass. I prefer its more compact size to variegatus. Dixieland is even smaller and may not be quite as hardy...verdict may still be out.

Morning light is not of the same variegation and I'd tend to use it differently in the landscape. Morning Light offers very strong white edging that makes it seem silvery translucent. I like this grass next to water and in morning sun.

I'd be hard pressed to choose between Rigoletto and Morning Light as the 'better' miscanthus.

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Hi Grass Guy
Thank you for your information. I think morning light could
win by just a small margin.R.

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