eeek, will frozen budded lilacs still bloom?

chrismich213April 7, 2007

well, with a week of below 32 degrees weather, and more cold days to come, what will happen to my lilacs? Have I lost a whole year of flowers? I was able to get my water lilies back into the garage, but I could not catch the goldfish and there is about 2" of ice in my tiny pond. I guess only time will tell, and to think I was gardening in my summer shorts and tee top, only 2 weeks ago. Can anyone remember when we had the latest snow fall in MI over the years. I know its been very cold for Memorial day-wearing winter coats while camping-usually its raining for Memorial day.

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thorngrower sw. ont. z5

I'm about 45 min. from detroit on the canadian side between lake st.clair and lake erie, latest snow i remember was 1982 the 1st. week of april. Exactly the same time as this. Had about 6 inches..Woke up to about 1in. this morning.Don't know what will happen to any of the flowering trees.Were lucky things weren't further along, there would be even more damage..mark

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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

My lilacs are toast in Akron, OH. Look at the bush. If the new shoots look limp and "soft" you won't be getting any blooms. They'll re-leaf, but they only get one shot a year at blooming. If they still appear more or less standing straight, even if frozen, they might survive.

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seil zone 6b MI

I don't agree. These plants are hardier than that. Wait and see they'll bloom. My forsythia had opened it's first bloom last Tuesday when it was in the 70's and I thought it was done for. It's been down to 17 and we haven't had a high above freezing since then. The sun came out today and the temp went up to 40 and it opened a half dozen new blooms today. As long as the pond is not frozen solid and there is some free water I'll bet the fish survive too. Make sure you keep a hole broken in the ice each day to keep air flowing.

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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

Lilacs are different though - unlike forsythias, who have THOUSANDS of little flower buds all over, some opening before others, lilacs have 2 - 4 per twig and they expand pretty much at the same time. If they're toast, they're toast.

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just came in before the rain hits and the miss kim lilacs look good.....
however the azeleas are so very burnt......... along with my acanthus....
bummer of a spring. Enjoyed my magnolia for about 5 minutes.
yours in dirt......

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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

Actually, the lilacs look OK here. THe leaves have brown edges, but the growth tips survived and with the last few days near 80, have grown a few new "whorls" of leaves that look fine - the flower stalks also appear to be expanding and still colored well, so we might luck out.

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well, my lilacs took fine too. even the short 18" babies that I transplanted last summer are going to bloom. God is generous to us all.

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Mine seem to be doing ok, this time. I have had them freeze before though and I was sure that mine were toast also. Here in northwestern lower michigan, it got down to 23 and stayed there for a week but they are growing and the buds look good. I'm totally amazed.

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mine bloomed too, but its in the shade until about noon

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