How to move groundcover ferns - yes, the invasive ones.

bagsmom(7)September 14, 2009

Hey all - I have some of those wacky ferns we have discussed before.... very pretty - about 18" tall or taller - and they spread like wildfire. I just yank them up when they go out of bounds.

My Dad wants some to take over a barren area in his yard. (He knows they are crazy.)

My question is this: how shall I give him these ferns? Chunk up pieces of plant with dirt and put in a pot? Or pull up the long root pieces and store them dry in a paper bag -- sort of like dahlias....?

What do you think? Thanks, guys and gals!

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Are those bracken ferns? If so, then just digging up clumps and putting them in grocery bags for transportation should be ok. I would not let them dry out, they don't have a tuber for storage like Dahlias do.

If he's putting them in a dry, sunny area, they won't be as aggressive as if it was a more moist area.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bracken fern (Pteridium aquilinum)

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