Show me your pumpkins/squash/gourds

weirdtrevAugust 12, 2008

I really enjoy seeing pictures of everyones pumpkin patches, and I think others do too. I have always been disappointed that we don't have a gallery on this forum and I want to see more pictures. So I'll get this started with some pictures of my pumpkins and gourds.

Pumpkin forming

Burpee Butterbush

Immature ornamental gourd

Same type of ornamental gourd, mature


Hooligan Pumpkins and ornamental gourd

Bicolor pear gourd and several female flowers

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Thanks for posting your pictures. I check daily for new post and pictures. I would post pictures, but I don't know how.

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I just created an image that explains how to post images. I did this so I could post the code without it being converted into an image. Here is how to post photos on GardenWeb:

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I had a ton of volunteers. Most I pluck but I left these (from June 15).

And on July 31.

Look what was hiding the other day.

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Jeremy Costenbader(5)

Finally this year I got my first pumpkin. check out the pictures I have.
Now I just have to get more. and the Gourds nothing this year but guess I will keep trying.

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O.K. Trev, I have not grown ornamental gourds for several years and my pumpkin/squash collection is currently mostly C.mixta and C. moschata.

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Here's a couple pictures of my Golden Hubbard squash. I shamefully admit to have purchased the seed due mostly to the pretty picture on the front of the seed package.

This one doesn't look so big in the picture, but it has about the same diameter as a basketball. I sure hope it tastes good.

When I look at these, instead of Golden Hubbard, I think of Golden Hooters. *;^)

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Fantastic pictures, I love hubbard squash or any other odd looking plants. I find traditional pumpkins to be boring and overrated, give me a warty squash any day. It's amazing how many people are unaware of these different looking plants. Friends are constantly telling me they have never seen the squash I grow before.
Great pictures.

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dancinglemons(7B VA)


Would you consider mailing me that warty, pink & grey squash in your second photo?? :-)) WOW that is a beauty!! Great pictures everyone you have given me the needed push to get back into squash growing. Next year, next year, next year for sure!!


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dancinglemons; That is the the Fagtong Sri Muang. It has a long season 130-140 days. Does ok here, but probably takes too long in more northern locations. It is rare in the USA so I do make seeds available to anyone who would like to try it.

Here is a link that might be useful: trade list

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a variety from HD called....wait for it.....pumpkin

can you see her hiding?

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susanne_in_nl(z6-7 Netherlands)

Here's some pics of my late-blooming trellised acorn squash. At least I hope they are true to breed, since the seeds were from a store-bought squash.

2 vines took off up the trellis and then along the fence. The other 4 (thinned to 3) stayed bushy until just the last 2 weeks. I may have made a typical newbie mistake and tried to grow too many plants in too small a space.

The only big squash so far. About 6 inches in diameter. Let's hear it for the ivy that makes a great support, along with an old stocking. Upper right is a small squash that doesn't seem to be getting any bigger... :^(

What's he looking so happy about? I'm the one who will be eating these babies!
But you can also see the tub used for the planters (about 15 gal) and dismantled mini greenhouse shelves that now serve as racks for the expanding bushy plants.

One of the new squash from a bushy plant. It's doing well but the tiny one in the background was lost to what seemed to be blossom end rot.

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OK - first time ever trying to post a pic...

My first big snake gourd

I am so astounded that worked. How do you get the picture to be smaller, instead of going off the page?

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engineeredgarden(7, nw Alabama)

Trev - I don't grow any special squash, but I wanted to make a contribution to your thread anyway. It's the best photo of squash that i've taken this year. Thanks for teaching me alot about squash this season. EG

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got this one growing in a container

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sunshineboy(Z5 MA)

Beautiful pumpkins everyone.
I had to harvest a bunch of mine yesterday because the squirrels found my patch and ate 3 pumpkins in one night.
I have no idea what varieties Im growing. These pumpkins are the result of leaving a few fall decoration gourds and pumpkins out on a rock overwinter in my front yard.

This is a pic of my kids last fall in front of the pumpkins

Here is what I harvested so far...there is at least 20-40 more fruits to ripen

Here is a big boy that I carved my daughters name into

And here is a big boy I carved my sons name into

The kids love the name carving trick...they get really excited to show their friends "their pumpkins"

I love the ease at which these plants grow....but trying to be organic with SVB and Squash Bugs and powdery mildew, and the %#@&*$# squirrels can make me crazy. Plus, the vines are taking over my driveway and my wife "accidentally" took out 6 fruits last week. Cest la vie, there is still plenty to enjoy.


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